Our Environmental Policy

Visiting the Site

We welcome visitors. There are grass footpaths that are kept cut and clear but please note that as this is a nature reserve the ground can be uneven in places so wheelchair access is very limited. If it is very wet the ground can be soft and muddy in some places. The site is quite a way from any local town but is within walking distance of the local bus route (the 460 Cardigan-Carmarthen). To try and keep emissions down, we would suggest people use public transport or lift share as much as possible when visiting the site. The site itself only has car parking space for a maximum of 20 cars.


Memorial Trees and Plants


The burial grounds are situated in a native deciduous woodland, interspersed with wild flower meadows. We can supply native plants and shrubs at cost on request for planting on

graves outside of the wildflower meadows.

Items Left on Graves

We have a no plastics policy. Only natural, cut flowers can be left on grave sites (no artificial or plastic flowers/wreaths) which will be composted after one week.


Burial Methods

We will not be accepting bodies that have been embalmed prior to burial. This is to prevent the leaching of formaldehyde into the ground and local water table. All caskets and burial urns are required to be biodegradable and contain no plastic or metal parts.